Requirements for Observers and Research Investigators

How to Arrange an Observation for a Course or Other Educational Purposes

We do not have observation rooms or cameras for monitoring our classrooms. Consequently we need to ensure that no more than four people are observing at any time. Exceptions can be made. The observer, researcher, or his/her supervisor or course instructor must make arrangements for the observation with our director, Howard Baker, and a cooperating head teacher.

To do this, please contact Howard Baker by email or call 781‐736‐2200. You will be asked to supply a brief letter or email explaining the purpose or goals of your observation and also assure us that those you observe will be given anonymity unless you have written consent from the individual to publish your data or communicate about them by name. Failure to do so is subject to prosecution.

Your letter or email may simply state:

  • Your name and contact information, the purpose of the study and whether you wish to observe or be a participant observer. (POs are people who wish to engage in activities with children. POs who wish to observe more than once need to visit our Job Opportunities page.
  • That the observer guarantees the anonymity of the children and teachers observed in any written material, including information shared with a class or professor.
  • That the observer guarantees that s/he will not photograph, videotape or tape record while observing unless permission to do so has been given. For this, you will need to use Appendix IV: Application for Recording and Appendix X: Sample Letter for Consent to use sound or image recording.

Please read Information for When You Observe before your observation.

Course Instructors; Additional Information

If you are a course instructor wishing to arrange observations for a number of students in your class you will be asked to use a schedule form such as the one below in which students post their name & email address. Additionally please supply your students with Information for When You Observe in the Classroom (pdf).