Our teachers take many photographs in the classroom, often tagging them with comments and developmental observations.  We also send you information about daily activity sheets for each classroom. To limit access and keep photos and other information about children private we use Kaymbu.  You will receive an invitation to join from our classroom teachers.  There is an phone app for Kaymbu to make quick access on your phone, tablet and computer.  If you are not enrolled or do not wish to be, please speak with our teachers or write to Lemberg.

Additionally when registering your child through UpBup, we ask for your permission to use photos of your child and your child's art work in our newsletters, flyers, on our website for advertising and marketing our programs or in professional development presentations with students and colleagues.  We hope you will allow us permission to use photos of your child for these purposes.  Our materials require others to request permission to reproduce or use.

These sites are password protected, and each parent has a unique account and password provided by a head teacher. Please check this site regularly, as new photos are always going up.

If you like a photo of your child, please download it as we clear off photos regularly. Each time a new album is put up, the oldest albums are taken down. We do keep back ups, and you are more than welcome to request a photo that you didn't quite have time to save.