Summer in the Firefly Scientists' Community Garden

Descriptive Transcript

[Friendly, upbeat music]

Close up of lush leaves and flowers in bloom with the text, "Summer in the Firefly Scientists' Community Garden."

Children and staff happily identify and pick flowers.

Text appears: Environmental Education at the Lemberg Children's Center Waltham, MA

Children harvest greens collaboratively as well as independently. One child uses scissors to snip the base of a kale leaf.

Herbs and carrots are shown to the camera and collected in plastic bags. Children sample ripe fruit with pride.

Children use art supplies to decorate and assemble a garden scarecrow outdoors with the help of Lemberg staff.

[Enthusiastic children chatter]

Person: "Zucchini! There we go. We can take it back under the tent and we'll cut it up snack."

A child holds the newly harvested zucchini.

Children surround adult holding zucchini. The zucchini is cut lengthwise and children admire its insides.

The zucchini is sliced into bite-sized pieces and passed around on a platter to share.

Child says, "It's yummy," while sampling it.

Children and staff converse and continue harvesting. They also act as scarecrows for the camera, then pose with the homemade scarecrows.

Close-ups of children's happy faces while harvesting flowers and lettuce.

A child snips peas from a plant using scissors.

A child admires their pea harvest.

Children walk up a set of stairs toward the gate with a staff member.

Text appears: Thank you for supporting our Environmental Education Programs.