Parent Jobs

Parent hours are volunteer hours for the benefit of our community that all Lemberg parents are required to complete through tasks such as grocery shopping, doing laundry, attending board meetings, fixing things and more.

Each parent or guardian in a family needs to contribute 2 hours a year, per day of childcare their child receives in a week. For example, a parent who has one child who is at Lemberg full-time (5 days a week) would need to contribute 10 hours per school year. Additionally, a parent whose child is at Lemberg 2 days a week would only need to contribute 4 hours per school year. Please keep in mind that these totals should be doubled for 2-parent/guardian homes, as they are per parent.

If a family would not like to complete these hours, they can instead pay $18 per uncompleted parent work hour that is required of them - please let us know if you would rather do this option. Furthermore, if a family has extenuating circumstances that prevent them from doing either, they should contact Howie directly. Also, if you have any special skills or creative ideas that may be helpful in completing parent hours, please let us know! We are always looking for ways for parents to get involved.

At the beginning of each school year, an email will be sent to all parents so that you can sign up for a parent work group, meaning that you will be signed up to will do a particular kind of work. We will also occasionally send out one-time jobs that you could also volunteer for (such as organizing our library or helping garden).

You may also offer services that you believe that Lemberg needs, such as computer programming skills, help with advertising, yoga, reupholstering our couches and chairs and so forth.

Available Jobs

Please email us if you are interested in any of these jobs:

  1. Gardening- During the spring, summer and fall we need parents to help us with our vegetable and flower gardens by weeding, turning soil, etc.
  2. Grocery Shopping- Grocery lists are given on Friday afternoon, and shopping needs to be completed by Monday morning. The schedule of assigned trips is made on a semester by semester basis.
  3. Laundry- Pick up a bag of laundry on Friday, wash it over the weekend, and bring it back on Monday! We also occasionally have smocks that need to be hand-washed and can be hosed down in the shower or bathtub. The schedule is made on a semester by semester basis.
  4. Fundraising- Lemberg is a non-profit organization and we rely on fundraising to keep our costs down. We have bake sales, auctions, and so forth. You can also create new fundraisers, and help organize existing ones.
  5. Serving on our Board of Directors- Our BOD meets once a month on Tuesdays from 5:45-7:00 p.m..
  6. Translating- We are translating parts of our website and parent information into several languages. If you are interested in helping, please let us know which language or languages you are able to translate into.

Counting Hours

To keep everything fair, we do have a set amount of time that we award for parent hours.

  • Laundry: 1.25 hours.
  • Grocery shopping: 2 hours.
  • Costco shopping: 2 hours.
  • Baking or cooking: (either for a bake sale or for other reasons) we give 1-2 hours, depending on the amount.
  • Board Meetings: 1.25 hours.
  • Specialty jobs have no set time. Please submit your hours as you see fit.
  • Travel time does not factor into parent hours.

Frequently Asked Questions