Employment and Volunteering

The Lemberg Children's Center staff is a team of devoted, experienced and knowledgeable professionals whose mission is to advance collaborations that support everyone's successful efforts.  We are a place to PLAY, GROW and LEARN.

In addition to many opportunities to volunteer or do experiential internships, most of our positions are in working directly with children assisting with their different learning needs. We have many administrative needs, as well as opportunities to do research and consulting.

We welcome help from people who have skills in supporting learning through the arts, sciences, with the use of diverse technologies, as well as in the natural settings around us, and on-campus.  Since many children and their parents speak languages other than English at home, we encourage applicants for positions who sign or speak languages in addition to English to add this to their applications.  Many positions can be part-time.  Our Board of Directors prioritizes compensation for our employees with a work environment, benefits and wages that are highly competitive with area schools and human service agencies. In addition to responding to posted job openings, we welcome inquires to work with us. Please send email inquiry to Director of Hiring and Professional Development.

Undergraduate Opportunities  Post-graduate Opportunities  Volunteer Opportunities

Undergraduate Opportunities

While the University is in session, we require all students applying for paid positions to have Federal Work Study. However, we will hire non-work-study applicants during the following periods (for exact dates, check the academic calendar):

  • February vacation
  • Passover vacation
  • Summer session (mid June - mid August)

If you are interested in applying for any of our paid undergraduate positions (listed below), please email us the job application (PDF)

Post-Graduate Opportunities

Teacher Fellowship

The Center for Early Childhood Teacher Development staff includes a teaching fellow in each of our classrooms. This paid faculty position is for recent college graduates with early childhood education experience, a BA/BS degree in EEC or a related major. Among other things, they will develop strong teaching and supervisory skills while working in our model classrooms.

Each Fellow works and studies under guidance of a mentor teacher.  Their responsibilities include implementation of school philosophy, policies and curriculum. Fellows also support the development of Teaching Assistants (TAs), who come mostly from Brandeis University.  There are 2 or 3 TAs throughout the day in each classroom with a Teaching Fellow and Head Teacher.

job description

To apply for this program please send your resume, cover letter and three professional references to Howard Baker.

Head Teacher

Our head teachers are primary caregivers to our children as well as mentor teachers to Brandeis University students, student teachers, and Teaching Fellows.  They work collaboratively in planning curricula, meeting with parents, and evaluating the program. 

The position is 40 hours per week, with a daily 6 hours of in-classroom time plus 1 hour of planning time (classroom hours are scheduled between 8 -6 pm), plus one evening a week for a staff meeting.

job description

To apply for this position, please send your resume, cover letter and three professional references to Howard Baker.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Children’s Center has over 100 volunteers each year assisting our efforts with children, families, educators and researchers in the field of early education and care.  Recognized by the US Treasury Internal Revenue Service and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a not-for-profit 501 c 3 public charity, volunteers support our many services.  These include educational child care, parenting family education, teacher education, environmental education, curriculum development as well as developmental and educational research.  

  • Many professionals volunteer by offering pro bono legal assistance, health advice, workshops, accounting, and consultation support for the management of our not-for-profit corporation.  
  • Volunteers help organize fund raising events, advance our connections with alumni, and collaborate with other community programs as well as aid others in need.  
  • Several volunteers assist our professional educators and specialists with the individual needs of children.  
    • These activities may include helping English-Language -Learners or by implementing an individualized education plan.  
    • They may prepare materials for use in the classroom and cope with the many health and educational challenges we face each day. 

Volunteers support the work of employees, they do not replace positions filled by employees. 

The vital contribution of volunteers to our families, children and community is cherished and while this work is not paid, volunteers report feeling gifted with new friendships, love from our children, and the knowledge of how much their work and the Center has helped to change lives.  

All volunteers are cited in our annual report to the IRS and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

If you would like to work as a volunteer, please email it to here