Teacher Consulting Session Topics

Teachers Helping Teachers: Problem-Solving Teams that Work

This workshop explains the Roeher Institute’s strategy for educators.

The Roeher Institute’s mission is to generate knowledge, information and skills to secure the inclusion, citizenship, human rights and equality of people with intellectual and other disabilities.

In-Classroom Teacher Support or Mentoring 

We tailor to each teacher's mentoring needs. Our highly experiences staff visits and observes your classroom, provides feedback and constructive advice, then offers ongoing support during new strategy implementation. Among the strategies for evaluating your work in the classroom are NAEYC standards and Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS-R).

Implementing Curricula Focusing on Cooperation, Conflict Negotiation, Community and Peaceful Resolutions in Early Care

Experienced teachers or mediation specialists work with you to develop and implement methods and ideas for children to speak with others, to facilitate cooperation, and to share their lives and emotions with one another in healthy and productive ways.

Curricula and interventions include the Pacific Oaks College Anti-Bias Curriculum; Driekurs, Children the Challenge; Lovett's Learning to Listen; Forest and Pearpoint's MAPS, PATH, Circle of Friends; Minnesota Dept. of Education's Curriculum for Behavioral School Support; and other programs to help educators implement effective strategies in their classroom.

Psychodynamic and Relational Model for Explaining Aggression and Violence in Children

This session is for those interested in theory and its direct impact in the classroom. Lemberg psychodynamics experts explain the social and psychological models used to explain violence, aggression and human development. Interventions and social constructions to facilitate peaceful alternatives to aggression and violence in the classroom and child care environment are also discussed.

Classroom Design and Curriculum for Providing an Emotionally Safe Environment

From before a child enters your classroom to months into the program, there are many ways that teachers and school managers can provide children and their parents with a classroom that is safe, welcoming and their own. Lemberg staff will help you design such classrooms. These early strategies and structures are vital to long-term environmental success.

Implementing a Curriculum for Teacher-Child Attachment

Many early childhood educators recognize the teacher-child relationship as supportive to the child's familial attachment. Lemberg staff will help you explore relational psychology and implement its curriculum. Advice and information on this relationship and how it effects all parties is discussed. Finally, methods and theories that utilize and explore this important relationship are offered.

Parent Coaching Program

No need to call Supernanny! In this program, Lemberg staff will observe family interactions in the home and coach parents on how to manage typical problems with their family.